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First-time home buying made easier.

We'll make sure your homebuying experience is smooth, straightforward and understandable.

  • Grants and Down Payment Assistance

  • 100% Financing Programs

  • Low Down-Payment Programs

  • FHA, VA, USDA and Affordable Housing Loans

Buying your first home is an exciting time but can be difficult and confusing also. We've financed many hundreds of first homes and have developed a comprehensive set of loan programs to assist the unique challenges first-time buyers often face. We also understand the uncertainty and anxiety buying a home for the first time can bring. To counter this, we have a stress-free consultative process to help each home buyer understand and overcome any hurdles which come up along the way.

Step one is a consultation with one of our Loan Officers. We'll gain an understanding of your finances, home buying plans and future housing goals. From there, we'll develop an individualized plan to qualify you for the best mortgage to fit your needs. Just click to get started and, we'll get to work on your home buying plan!

First Time Homebuyer Programs

We offer a complete menu of loan programs designed to help first time home buyers.

In what's perhaps the most challenging home buying market in a generation, new home buyers need every edge they can get. We've assembled a comprehensive set of loan programs which allow us to say yes to more buyers and, more importantly, to match loan terms to  fit our customer's financial needs and ongoing homeownership goals.  

Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac 3% Down Program

Better rates for highly qualified buyers.

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Fannie Mae 3% down payment program for low to moderate income buyers. Offers reduced mortgage insurance premiums.

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Up to $10,000 in lender assistance for buyers who presently live in designated underserved census tracts. Can buy anywhere. No maximum income limitations.

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Basic FHA fixed rate mortgages. 3.5% down payment required, relaxed qualifying vs. conventional loans.

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True zero down payment possible. 3.5% forgivable grant provided at closing. Has slightly higher rates and closing costs.

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3.5% repayable second mortgage provided at closing.  Has slightly higher rates and closing costs. No maximum income limitations. 

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100% Financing for eligible veterans. Relaxed qualifying guidelines. Sellers can pay most closing costs.

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100% Financing in designated rural areas. Maximum household income limits apply.

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Check Your Mortgage Qualifications

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Fast, easy and free!
Learn your mortgage qualifications in about 3 minutes!

No cost or obligation! No SSN needed.
not affect your credit score.

As first time homebuyers who made a speedy offer, Travis and Derek made the whole process quick and easy. They were communicative the entire time and walked us through each step. It was a pleasure working with them and will again in the future.                                                            -Spencer J on Google Reviews

Become Our Customer and We'll Make You a Fan


Have questions? Need advice? . . . Talk to us!

There's nothing our loan officers like doing more than meeting our customers and helping them one-on-one. 

Shop for a Home with Confidence

Get the certainty of our Verified Preapproval upfront and close faster with less hassles.

  • Close 7-10 days faster once you find the perfect home to buy!

  • Know exactly what you will be approved for and close on time - hassle free!

  • Gain more bargaining power - It's the next best thing to an all cash offer!

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Your Loan Will Close On-Time. We Guarantee It!

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Get Pre-Approved with us and We'll Guarantee a Quick Closing.

Many things come together at once when closing on a home purchase. We understand how stressful it can be and do the work necessary on our end to ensure you'll have a smooth, on-time and worry free closing. We even guarantee that once you're pre-approved with us, when your find a home, your loan will close on-time in as soon as three weeks. If not, we'll make your first payment (up to $2,000).
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Buy Now, Refinance Later.


Timing your home buying plans with the market in order to get the lowest interest rate is hard, if not impossible. Our clients have the advantage of a free refinance benefit that they can use anytime in the first 5 years of their mortgage. So why wait? Go ahead and buy your new home now, and let us pick up the closing costs for your refinance if rates drop in the first 5 years of your loan.


It’s often less costly for us to refinance a loan we’ve already made and this is our way of passing those savings along to our customers. We are committed to helping our clients save at closing and beyond.

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Get our free guidebook to
buying your first home.

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Get our free, step-by-step guidebook on becoming a homeowner for the first time! It has everything you need to know about credit qualifying, down payments, closing costs, loan programs and more. 

Would you like to be contacted for a free home buying consultation?

Thank you! A secure download link to the guidebook has been emailed to you.

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