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We can help pay your closing costs!

Ask about our lender-paid closing costs program for home purchase loans

With sellers reluctant to pay closing costs in the current market, we have an alternative to help home buyers leverage their funds. We can offer a lender credit on all conventional purchase loans to pay some or even all of your closing costs.  Even better, we don't charge lender fees like most other lenders - this could possibly save you an additional $750 - $1,200 at closing. Combined with other exclusive features like our Approved Home Buyer's Program, Close-on-Time Guarantee and Seller's Closing Guarantee, we do more to help home buyers compete and win their offers then close quickly.
¹ Terms and conditions apply.


Just researching your options?

Learn exactly what you're qualified for in about 3 minutes. No cost or obligation and will not affect your credit score.


Ready to start looking at houses and making offers soon?

With our verified and underwritten pre-approval, sellers will know you're able to buy, And, you'll be certain your mortgage will be ready to close on time once you find a home to buy.


Found a home to buy and need the perfect mortgage?

Our intuitive online application will get you on the path to a quick and hassle-free closing. You can get started now and complete it at your own pace.

Saving you money with lower rates everyday!

Along with five star service, our rates are consistently below the national average! Our customers are saving thousands of dollars on their mortgages. No compromises - Here, you can get great rates and “LOCAL” service!

Current Purchase Rates

30 Year
Fixed Rate

Interest Rate






15 Year
Fixed Rate


Interest Rate





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Have questions? Need advice? . . . Talk to us!

There's nothing our loan officers like doing more than meeting our customers and helping them one-on-one. 

Call us at 901.504.4663

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Your Loan Will Close On-Time.
We Guarantee It!

Get Pre-Approved with us and We'll Guarantee a Quick Closing.

Many things come together at once when closing on a home purchase. We understand how stressful it can be and do the work necessary on our end to ensure you'll have a smooth, on-time and worry free closing. We even guarantee that once you're pre-approved with us, when your find a home, your loan will close on-time in as soon as three weeks. If not, we'll make your first payment (up to $2,000).

Terms and Conditions>

Seller's Closing Guarantee

Your Purchase Offers will Stand Out with a Guaranteed Closing for the Seller

With homes in many areas seeing multiple offers - often above asking price, the real estate market is competitive like never before. With our Close on Time Guarantee for you and now our $2,000 Closing Guarantee for the Seller we give you all the tools to stand out and succeed. Once pre-approved, if your transaction qualifies, we will issue a guarantee to the seller that your loan will close or we'll pay them $2,000 if it doesn't and we're at fault.

Terms and Conditions>


Not all pre-approvals are the same?

Many lenders use the term "pre-approved" very loosely. Often its just a loan officer estimating your qualifications based on a credit report and whatever you say your income and assets are. At Local Mortgage we know our customers and their real estate agents need and expect better. It's why we developed our Approved Home Buyer™ Program.  


With Local Mortgage you'll get a fully-verified and documented approval for you as a homebuyer. Beyond just reviewing your credit report, we take the time to actually  document your qualifications such as employment, income and assets. Our underwriting team then approves your loan except for property-specific items. The approval is good for 120 days to allow you plenty of time to find a home then, once you have, we just need to review the sale contract, title work and appraisal and can get your loan ready to close quickly.

We also stand behind our approvals with guarantees for both you and the seller you're buying a home from. For you, there's our Close-on-time Guarantee¹ where we guarantee a closing date (as soon as 21 days from when we get your fully executed sale contract) or we'll pay your first mortgage payment up to $2,000. For the seller, we offer a Seller Guarantee² which provides certainty of closing or we'll pay them $2,000 if the contract fails because you cannot qualify for a mortgage with us after becoming pre-approved (provided there are no material changes to your qualifications).

Great Service - No Compromises

We started Local Mortgage to bring something different to the mortgage market. For a while now, customers have had to choose between low rates with technology driven companies, generally sacrificing on service or getting typically higher rates from local loan officers that sometimes offer a higher level of service than their online counterparts. Not anymore…


If you want the best rates, great products and the right blend of technology with a human touch during your mortgage process, you are in the right place. When you are ready to buy a home, you will feel at home with Local Mortgage.

Travis Chapman, CEO

Become Our Customer and We'll Make You a Fan

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No Closing Cost Purchase Loans

Many homebuyers know they need to save for down payment when getting ready to purchase a home. They work hard to save 5% or more of their estimated sales price but then are disappointed to find out they need another 3-5% for the closing costs. Years ago, it was common place for sellers to help with the buyers closing costs but in today’s sellers’ market, buyers are typically having to cover their own closing costs. more>

Moving In

Five Loan Types You Should Know

When you begin to research home loans, you will come across numerous different mortgage products. Some of these products can save you money, while others may not be designed for people in your particular circumstances. For that reason, it helps to know a little bit about the various types of mortgages that will be available to you. That’s where Local Mortgage can help. more>

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