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Could your home have thousands in cash available from refinancing?

For most American families, their home is also their largest asset. Home values have risen greatly in the past year - around 19% in most of the country* with some areas seeing 30% or more appreciation**. Your home could have much more equity available to you than you might think. Homeowners are using cash out refinances for many purposes. The competitive real estate market has many homeowners renovating their home rather than moving. Also, your equity could also be used smartly for consolidating more costly consumer debt like car loans and credit cards or large expenses like college or vehicle purchases.
*Case-Shiller Home Price Index as of Jan '22 ** Redfin US Housing Price Data as of March '22


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Get a rate quote for your specific circumstances. No cost or obligation and will not affect your credit score.

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Schedule a free consultation with a loan officer who will evaluate your mortgage and provide options to fit your overall financial situation.


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Our intuitive online application will get you on the path to a quick and hassle-free refinance. You can get started now and complete it at your own pace.

Saving you money with lower rates everyday!

Along with five star service, our rates are consistently below the national average! Our customers are saving thousands of dollars on their mortgages. No compromises - Here, you can get great rates and “LOCAL” service!

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Get a free mortgage checkup to learn more about your home's refinancing potential.


The real estate market is hot now! Home values went up nearly 20% across the country last year with some areas seeing 30% or more in home appreciation. You could have thousands available for access through a cash-out refinance. Get a free, no obligation mortgage checkup today and see how much is available for you.

Great Service - No Compromises

We started Local Mortgage to bring something different to the mortgage market. For a while now, customers have had to choose between low rates with technology driven companies, generally sacrificing on service or getting typically higher rates from local loan officers that sometimes offer a higher level of service than their online counterparts. Not anymore…


If you want the best rates, great products and the right blend of technology with a human touch during your mortgage process, you are in the right place. When you are ready to buy a home, you will feel at home with Local Mortgage.

Travis Chapman, CEO

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No Closing Cost Refinances

A no cost refinance is one where the lender is paying all of the fees for your refinance. This includes their lender fees, appraisal fees, the title fees including title insurance, recording and transfer taxes. Don’t confuse no closing costs with no out of pocket costs. If you are paying closing costs, you have the option to roll those costs back into the new loan amount. more>

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It's Not Too Late to Refinance for Many

I want to refinance my mortgage but I missed the bottom of the rate market…Is it still worth it?

The short answer: it depends! Timing the bottom of the mortgage rate market is an impossible task. The most important thing is to compare your current mortgage terms to those available with a refinance. more>

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