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Today's Mortgage Rates

Great rates - consistently below the national average*, five star service and exclusive features.

We started Local Mortgage to bring something different to the mortgage market. Historically, mortgage customers had a choice between lower rates (and, typically poor service) with online lenders or better service with higher rates from local loan officers. 


Not anymore . . .  If you want the best rates, great products, and the right blend of technology with a human touch during your mortgage process, you are in the right place. When you are ready to buy a home or refinance, you will feel at home with Local Mortgage.

* Based on a comparison of LMI rates vs Mortgage Banker's Assn Weekly Rate Survey

Conventional Fixed Rates

30 Year Fixed Rates

Interest Rate










Best Rate with 

low or no points

20 Year Fixed Rates

Interest Rate










Best Rate with 

low or no points

15 Year Fixed Rates

Interest Rate










Best Rate with 

low or no points

Jumbo, FHA, VA, or USDA Rates

We do make all types of government insured loans but need to quote those individually. Please call us at 901.504.4663 for a rate quote on these loan types or use our quote button below.

These are representative rates. Get a custom rate quote for accurate rates applicable to your loan needs. 

Mortgage loan interest rates change daily (until locked-in) and vary according to each loan's characteristics. The rates shown above are representative rates based on a $475,000 loan amount at 95% loan-to-value to owner-occupant borrowers with 780 or greater credit scores for a 30 day rate lock period. Your actual rate may be lower or higher than these representative rates based on your individual loan characteristics.


To get accurate rates for your needs, please click here (or any of the rate quote buttons on this page). You'll answer a few brief questions about your loan needs before receiving a customized rate quote including closing costs applicable to your loan. There is no cost or further obligation for receiving a rate quote and your information will be secured and kept confidential. 

Fixed 30
Fixed 20
Fixed 15

Have questions? Need advice? . . . Talk to us!

There's nothing our loan officers like doing more than meeting our customers and helping them one-on-one. 

Call us at 901.504.4663

Great Rates with 5 Star Service

As a family-owned company, we’ve always been more about people than numbers. We set out from the beginning to offer what we call “LOCAL” service. That means personal service from your very own loan team. We answer our phones and reply quickly to your texts and emails. Our people are true professionals who really know mortgages and how to create the best deal for each customer. They consistently get rave reviews for their service.


Along with high levels of service, you'll also get interest rates that are consistently much lower than the national average.  By serving a large area from one office, marketing directly to those most likely to need us and using leading edge technology, we've kept expenses low as our business has continually grown.


Our customers realize those cost savings every day by saving thousands of dollars on their mortgages. No compromises - Here, you can get great rates and “LOCAL” service!

Travis Chapman, CEO


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Your Loan Will Close On-Time.
We Guarantee It!

Get Pre-Approved with us and We'll Guarantee a Quick Closing.

Many things come together at once when closing on a home purchase. We understand how stressful it can be and do the work necessary on our end to ensure you'll have a smooth, on-time and worry free closing. We even guarantee that once you're pre-approved with us, when your find a home, your loan will close on-time in as soon as three weeks. If not, we'll make your first payment (up to $2,000).

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Get a free mortgage checkup to learn more about your home's refinancing potential.


The real estate market is hot now! Home values went up nearly 20% across the country last year with some areas seeing 30% or more in home appreciation. You could have thousands available for access through a cash-out refinance. Get a free, no obligation mortgage checkup today and see how much is available for you.

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